Apple’s disservice to the iPhone Pro Max

On numerous occasions, I have been tempted to upgrade to the Pro Max version of the iPhone and each time, I am disappointed and revert to the regular Pro. The reason, simply, is that Apple has done a disservice to the iPhone Pro Max.

The Pro Max line has always been just a bigger version of the regular Pro iPhone. The only difference is the size of the display, the size of the battery and the weight of the device.

Apart from the larger display and the 25% more battery life (compared to the regular Pro), what exactly is the benefit of a Pro Max iPhone 🤷‍♂️

iPhone 7 Plus weighed 188 grams and the iPhone 13 Pro Max weighs 238 grams. The increase in weight (almost 30%) is the primary reason why I struggle to use the Pro Max series compared to the iPhone 7 Plus.

Compromises of a Pro Max iPhone

The ease and comfort of using an iPhone is often underrated. I recall, when the iPhone 4 was launched, the one-handed use of the device was one of the key selling point. We have come so far, and perhaps a little too far.

Last year, I took advantage of Apple’s extended holiday returns policy and used the iPhone 12 Pro Max for almost 2 months. I enjoyed the bigger display, but the extended battery life was not something that helped. Instead of ending the day with 20% on the regular iPhone Pro, I was ending the day at 35% battery life on the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The result was the same, the phone went on my wireless charger each night. The two-handed typing experience was outstanding.

The downsides of the unwieldy iPhone Pro Max:

  • I wear tight pants/jeans and the iPhone Pro Max not only looks terrible but also a pain to take out of the pocket, especially in a sitting position. Especially in the car, it is a struggle!
  • Taking photos with one hand is almost impossible on the Pro Max, while manageable on the regular Pro
  • I have regular sized hands, but I cannot use the Pro Max in one hand.
  • Disappointingly, the larger display almost shows the same amount of content compared to the regular Pro. There are minor exceptions to this, but largely bigger screen equates to larger text rather than more content.
  • The recent design of the iPhone makes the Pro max feel like a dense brick. It's thick, and not in the complementary kind of way.

As a tech enthusiast, I am accustomed to compromises and thus willing to live with an unwieldy device. However, Apple needs to provide me with real advantages of having a bigger phone. Simply because, the iPhone 13 Pro already has a large display compared to the non X series iPhone and also has an even larger battery this year.

What I want from a bigger phone:

  • ability to split screen, allowing two apps on the one screen
  • More icons on the homescreen
  • Apple Pencil support: my iPhone can be my very own fields notebook
  • Ability to charge other Apple devices. What is the point of a larger battery when I cannot juice my Apple Watch or the AirPods.
  • The regular Pro gives me all-day battery life. The Pro Max should give me two days, but it does not.

This year is special

I was going through the above list and I had one of those light bulb 💡 moments. The newly released iPad Mini ticks most of the above requirements. In addition to the 10-hour plus battery life and the benefit of iPadOS, the iPad Mini is also less dense than the iPhone Pro Max. This means it is easier to carry in one hand.

Therefore, this year, I am excited to add the iPad Mini to my lifestyle along with the regular Pro iPhone

A beautiful purple 256gb iPad Mini is on its way as we speak🛬

Hold on... there’s more