I am returning my Work Phone 📱

For years, I declined every opportunity I have provided to get a work phone. However, because of COVID-19, I had no choice but to get a work phone with a work number. In 2020, because of working from home, I had two options. Either I give out my personal mobile number to my clients or I get a work mobile phone. Because I preferred not to disclose my personal mobile number; I opted for a work mobile number. I was cornered, and I hated being in that position.

Corporate head office sent me a shiny new iPhone 11. I created a brand new Apple ID using my work email address for this device. Downside of this approach is that my other Apple devices, such as AirPods, do no work seamlessly. This iPhone also came with access to work emails, calendar, and other work communication apps. In essence, more ways to stay connected to work-related matters. NO, THANK YOU! Part of my winding down ritual involves turning off my work iPhone.

Furthermore, because this device is the property of my employer, activity (location, usage, apps installed etc.) on the device is tracked. Upon seeking clarification from IT, I was told that “we” barely looks at the data collected, but it is occasionally used when there is a breach of “corporate policy”.

I knew all of this, and it’s the primary reason I pushed back on getting a work phone.

There was a logical alternative where work provided me with a sim and I use my own personal device. IT said this could not be done. I said, it will save Corporate money because they do not have to buy a device for me. The answer was still NO! How often do big organisations say NO to savings and cost cuttings, lol

Last Wednesday, common sense finally prevailed and Corporate now has the option to provide only the sim and employees can use their device. I jumped on this opportunity and have already organised the iPhone 11 to be returned.

It isn't all roses. The sim provided by work does not support e-sim, and therefore I need to use another device or convert my personal sim into an e-sim. Getting a new device is always fun, and I jump on any excuse to do so. This one happens to be work related, and I can claim a tax write off 😝.

What phone should I buy?

iPhone 13 Mini: this is the logical choice for me where I get a small phone which works with my current Apple account, thus providing the benefits of the Apple ecosystem.

Google Pixel 6: Google’s version of Android has always appealed to me. I have placed a preorder for the last 3 prior versions and each time; I end up cancelling it. Perhaps, now that Google is making their chip, I may finally have a spot for a Pixel in my life. Having an anti-iPhone gives me the opportunity to experiment with apps on Android.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3: the flip design reminds of the time when phones were cool and fun. However, it Samsung, which means it’s more trouble than its worth. However, everyone deserves a 4th chance 😜.

iPhone 5: I still have this phone. I couldn’t get rid of it and to this very day, it still works. By “works”, I mean it can receive calls. That's probably all I need. Will connect my lighting earbuds and off I go. It won't cost me any extra, and it will feel good to make use of an old phone that otherwise will continue gathering dust in the drawer.

I suspect this is going to happen. I will get the Pixel 6, play with it for a week and end up returning it. This is because, as much as I want to have an android phone, it will bug me that the apps and services I use, are exclusive to the Apple ecosystem. My task manager Things comes to mind. Then again, this could be the first time, where instead of frustrating myself with apps that are not on Android, I will embrace the apps that are on Android. Keen to experiment with Pocket Casts, HEY, iA Writer, 1Password, Notion, Day One, Spotify, and the list goes on.

Ultimately, I predict, by Christmas, I will either be using my iPhone 5 OR use both my personal sim (convert to e-sim) and work sim on my personal iPhone 13 Pro.

Either way, I prefer to keep the relationship with my employer civil at best. Using my devices gives me the flexibility alongside the peace of mind.

Hold on... there’s more