Physical keyboard for the iPhone

Physical keyboard for the iPhone

I like physical buttons. There is something about pressing an actual button as opposed to clicking on glass. That’s why Tesla’s decision to only have touch screen puzzles me. With physical buttons, I can press without even looking at the screen, pressing by feel or muscle memory because a physical button is always exactly where it was the last time you pressed it. That’s a real thing.

I came across a new product called Clicks and I almost placed an order. It’s cool and appears to be thoughtfully designed to work with the iPhone, attempting to overcome weaknesses of having an on-screen keyboard, predominantly, having the full screen without the keyboard interruption and the advantage of the iOS keyboard shortcuts (surprisingly, there is plenty of them)

The following YouTube video by MrMobile (who also is one of the founders of Clicks) does a decent job in highlighting what Clicks can do:

If the price was a bit more attractive, I probably would have got it.

Having said that, in 2024, I am unsure if I can live with a physical keyboard. Imagine the added physical size of Clicks on the iPhone 15 Pro Max

Regardless, it’s warms the cockles of my heart to see things that were great in my past, brought back with a modern take.

It just occurred to me that I have never owned a BlackBerry phone. Not sure what happened there.

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