Today, I am deeply sadden and extremely disturbed by the actions of  some in a time when the whole world is struggling with a global pandemic.

How did this eventuate?

On May 25, Mr Derek Chavin, a police officer of Minneapolis Police Department, kept his knee pinned on Mr George Floyd’s neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds and an hour later, Mr George Floyd was pronounced dead. Despite Mr Floyd’s repeatedly pleading that he cannot breathe, Mr Chavin kept his knee pressed firmly.

All of the above has been captured on video and available for the world to witness and relive the pain and suffering of Mr George Floyd.

Its irrelevant whether Mr Chavin is white and Mr Floyd is black. Why in 2020, should race or color make any difference. No one should be treated like this. NO ONE

What happened after Mr Floyd’s death?

Timeline of Events:

May 25 - George Floyd dies in police custody

May 26 - Protests in Minneapolis begin, and the police use tear gas to break them up.

May 27 - Protests erupt in cities across the U.S., including Memphis and Los Angeles.

May 28 - The National Guard is mobilized in Minnesota. Minneapolis’s mayor calls for peace and order.

May 29 - President Trump’s ‘looting’ and ‘shooting’ message raises tensions. Protests in Atlanta and New York bring destruction. Police officer charged with third degree murder and manslaughter

May 30 - Mayer says peaceful protests have turned to “domestic terrorism”


  • Countless people injured
  • Countless properties damaged and burnt
  • Police use of rubber bullets and tear gas
  • Countless small businesses suffering due to damage to their properties and theft from so called protestors
  • A huge middle finger to SOCIAL DISTANCING

Was all of this worth is?

Any life lost is painful. A life lost through injustice is worse. It is a slap on the face to any and all as our civil liberty and human rights are questioned and threatened. A peaceful protest is one of the many ways that you can voice your views and question the system.

Take another look at the above timeline, I do not believe that any of the above is helping anyone. Ask yourself, what was achieved?

We all agree there is ample evidence against the police officer in question and the officials of Minnesota have the responsibility to ensure that Mr George Floyd’s death is thoroughly investigated and justice is ultimately done.

What can we do?

I always try to picture what would be the outcome of what I’m intending to do and whether its worth doing it.

By doing what some have done, we have now become the problem the entire country is trying to resolve. We have become the focal point of attention of law enforcement authorities throughout the country. By we, I’m referring to the people who are out on the streets causing mayhem.

By and large, majority of men and women in law enforcement, regardless of race, take great pride in doing their job in the right way. It is now our turn to trust them to take appropriate action. This is the sole purpose of having law enforcement. The police officer in question doesn’t represent all men and women in law enforcement. He is an alleged criminal.

Let’s trust our law enforcement people and calmly give them the opportunity to do right by Mr George Floyd.

Let’s also support Mr Floyd’s family and friends in whatever small way we can. I am certain, they would agree with me, no body wanted this to happen, not Mr George Floyd and certainly no living person on this planet.

Image credit: Ringo H.W. Chiu/Associated Press

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