10 year Wedding Anniversary

We are holiday in New Zealand. Ten years ago today, if you had asked me, how would I celebrate being married for 10 years. I wouldn’t have in my wildest dreams responded to that question that remotely resembles how today went.

As it stands, it's 10:20pm, I am in the hotel room. I am drained, tired and frustrated. Clearly, I am not in the right frame of mind to even reflect on 10 years of marriage. This is a milestone. This is a huge milestone that will be celebrated some other day. I tried celebrating today, but that was not to be.

It has been a tough day. Maybe, one of the toughest in recent memory (this probably means, in recent memory, things have generally been good).

My wife and I are struggling to manage our son, and in turn we are taking the frustration out on each other. This one sentence describes what is going on. However, describing it and living with it are two very different things. My son is almost 20 month old. Those “terrible twos” that parents refer to; clearly came early for my son. Most of the today, he was either crying, throwing a tantrum or sleeping. Most food we give him, he throws it. For someone like me who hates wasting food, this was particularly upsetting. He is teething, which definitely isn’t helping. As a parent, I am frustrated and helpless.

I had most of the day planned out. Reservations were made, experiences were booked. The day did not go as planned. Not even close. I planned today as if it were just my wife and me. I should have planned today for a family day instead of a couples’ day. I SCREWED UP. Then again, I am not entirely sure how families celebrate their 10 years of marriage.

This goes to show, one can be in one of the most beautiful and romantic locations in the world, sometimes things just don't go well.

Deep down, I know this moment is temporary and will pass. My wife and I have been through a lot more than this. When united, we can also find joy and happiness in the difficult of times. This means, there will be another day in the near future where we will celebrate our wedding anniversary.

I am hopeful, the sunrise tomorrow brings a new ray of joy and happiness in our lives.

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