1Password has earned my trust, and now it’s time to have faith in my trusted companion

1Password has earned my trust, and now it’s time to have faith in my trusted companion

1Password’s v8 for macOS early release is attracting significant attention from the Apple community.

1Password is one of my FOREVER FIVE apps and has been my vault for passwords and important documents since 2014. Therefore, with excitement, I read through the 1Password blogpost and came out super excited and eager to test drive this version. It looked beautiful 😻.

My Current 1Password Setup

I have a subscription (since 2017) to 1Password Families and my parents, my sisters, my spouse are part of my family group. My wife and I are using iCloud sync as opposed to 1Password sync. The reason being, when we started using 1Password, Dropbox and iCloud sync were only available options.

In addition, I have a shared vault (Dropbox) with my father-in-law (he is not part of my 1Password family).

V8 Bombshell

At no point, 1Password mentioned in their blogpost that they are removing the functionality to sync your vault with any other service apart from their own. Clearly, this change significantly impacts my current setup. To find this out from other sources did not sit well with me and as such resulted in the following tweet to 1Password’s founder:

Regardless, this is the situation going forward and these are my options:

  1. Continue using 1Password and transfer my vault from iCloud to 1Password
  2. Find a new password manager.

I am going with Option 1. 1Password has earned my trust over the years and has given me no reason to suspect that their server is not on par with my iCloud. For this reason, I am going to have faith in 1Password and see how this plays out.

Option 2 is the option of last resort because almost any other password manager will need to earn my trust, and that only is done through years of continuous service and reliability. Therefore, instead of finding a replacement, I am choosing to stick with the trusted companion I know and have faith in 1Password rather than another password manager that I have never used.

1Password has served me well over 8 years and I hope, as long as I keep paying (reasonably), 1Password ought to remain a loyal and reliable companion to me.

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