Slow but better

A little restless 😬 with slow software development

One does have moments when one’s wondering mind spends one’s energy into understanding circumstances that are beyond one’s control.

Let’s consider the broad issue of software development from a mere civilian’s perspective. Lately, I felt the software I use is not getting much love and attention from its makers. It’s not that the software is not getting updates, it's more that those updates are predominately quality of life improvements or otherwise known as bug fixes.

Allow me to illustrate with the following two examples:

  • Things 3
  • Fantastical

The above apps are mature, polished, well regarded and best in their respective category. As a tech enthusiast, I cannot help but seek the new and the shiny because I get bored too quickly. To the developer's credit, both Things 3 and Fantastical has added innovative and practical features over the years. Things 3 added rich keyboard shortcuts in 2018 and there is no other productivity software on the iPad that matches this Things 3 feature. This sets an expectation for continuous delivery of new and innovative features. Especially for a subscription-based app such as Fantastical. A little part of me is anticipating massive updates from Flexibits because the company has grown from two people to over 20 people. I doubt these recruits are solely working on bug fixes.

If you review the release notes for both these apps, you will notice the developer has been updating the apps regularly. However, in my mind, there are no new impressive features that have been added. I am hungry for more. I want bold new features. Likewise, I want to be blown away… What I am getting instead is minor revisions that with each update makes the app a little better. I appreciate the developers are ironing out the bugs and adding features as they seem appropriate.

What I want may not be what I need... hell, it may even not be good for me. I want a reliable, polished and joyful experience, which both of these apps deliver.

I ought to enjoy the experience and patiently await whatever the developer has envisaged.

Easier said than done... but it helps to keep reminding oneself of this instead of wasting countless hours investing in a new task manager 🥵

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