Afghanistan 🇦🇫 , the world doesn’t seem to care

I attempt to stay away from politics because it is not great for my mental health.

While browsing twitter, I came across this:

At first glance, I actually found it amusing, but soon I discovered that the jokes is on me, or more so, the jokes on us. The images coming out of Afghanistan are disheartening.

I am in no position to objectively comment on the situation in Afghanistan. However, there are two facts that are loud and clear:

  • The Western world promised to look after the people who helped our military in their efforts in Afghanistan
  • These people are still stuck in Afghanistan fearing their lives and the lives of their family.

I hope in the coming hours and days, we rectify this situation.

The more troubling issue is what is our role in improving the lives of the Afghani people. It just does not seem right to abandon them. I do not have a solution. I really don't, sadly, I am not the only one.

Hold on... there’s more