A sleeve for my iPhone

Since the iPhone X (2017), I have used a sleeve to protect my iPhone. I landed on the sleeve after numerous frustrations with using a case and a screen protector.

If you can imagine, after waiting all year for the rumoured iPhone X, I placed the order for the iPhone and an expensive Apple leather case to protect it. However, the most important part of the iPhone is left unprotected, that being the screen. Why Apple does not make a screen protector is beyond my imagination.

However, you may recall the frustration of actually installing a screen protector. There are countless videos on YouTube, but it is you who has to install it. I am very particular and have wasted countless screen protectors because of my inability to have a perfect installation. These things do not bother everyone, but for me, it really bugs me.

The display of the iPhone is at its best when it has nothing installed on it. The extra glass gets in the way when swiping from the edges, and the display looks inferior with the screen protector installed.

After my unsuccessful second attempt at installing a glass screen protector acquired from Amazon, It occurred to me that I had socks for protecting my iPod. Do you recall these? The good old days:

Anyway, I figured, surely there are socks available for my iPhone and my search ended at SENA UltraSlim. This essentially is a sock made from leather for your iPhone. Aptly named, the Sleeve.

Benefits of a Sleeve:

The primary benefit is the versatility and the flexibility one gets when using a sleeve. In most cases, the iPhone is left on a table and at this point; it does not really need a case. Therefore, I can pick up and use the iPhone as it is intended, in its original form, with its original display without a screen protector. Apple puts a lot of time and energy designing their iPhone and from day one, we put it in a case and install a screen protector. Having a sleeve allows you to use the iPhone โ€œnakedโ€ and put it in a sleeve when needed.

I used the sleeve when travelling and when the iPhone is in my pocket. Where the situation does not require the phone to be in my pocket, the phone is left naked. In the car, it is in the sleeve for two reasons. Firstly, to protect the phone and secondly to protect me from getting distracted by the iPhone. Having a sleeve means I cannot see the screen. This is important for me, as I am easily distracted. When at work, I also put it in the sleeve for the same reason.

I really enjoy using the iPhone naked. Try it.

My iPhone is insured through my home insurance policy, and this gives me sufficient comfort to use the iPhone naked at home and in the sleeve when I am out and about.

My sleeve collection:

The SENA case served me well, but because of the iPhone 12 Pro redesign, the SENA case was incompatible. I picked up the iPhone 12 SENA sleeve (not pictured) and used it for a few weeks. This year, Apple also introduced its iPhone sleeve, which was interesting to me, but it was too expensive. However, I picked up a brand new one on eBay for almost 50% of the retail price.

I have been using the Apple sleeve for over 10 months, and I am certain I prefer the SENA sleeve. The SENA sleeve is lighter, easier to remove the iPhone from the sleeve, and I prefer the feel of the leather in the SENA sleeve compared to the Apple sleeve.

The iPhone 13 is around the corner, and this may be an excellent opportunity for you to consider getting a sock for your iPhone. In my humble view, this is the best solution if you enjoy using your iPhone naked.

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