Announcement: New BLOG 🥳

Announcement: New BLOG 🥳
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I have another blog, called "Unfiltered by Mere Civilian". It has over 40 posts already so I am a little late in announcing it on my main blog.

Unfiltered by MereCivilian
this is a humble place for this MereCivilian to be unfiltered. Main blog: Mastodon: [email protected] “be kind to yourself and if possible to others as well”

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Why a second blog?

Unfiltered by Mere Civilian is more casual and more frequent. It covers the day-to-day activities and experiences of a mere civilian. The blog posts are less thought out. It's raw, its unfiltered and its unorganised. Its FUN 🤣

In simple terms, if you enjoy this blog and wanted more, Unfiltered by Mere Civilian may interest you.

Hold on... there’s more