I cancelled my Apple Watch Ultra pre-ordered

I have cancelled far too many Apple pre-orders over the years. Since the original AirPods announcement, I have always had the policy to place a pre-order for any Apple product that I am remotely interested in. At the time, I was lucky to get the original AirPods at launch. However, I still remember that I waited months to get another pair for a family member. Sadly, I am not a patient man.

The Apple Water Ultra is interesting but more importantly, it's somewhat of a different watch compared to all the other previous Apple Watches. Before getting an Apple Watch in 2015, I proudly wore a Casio G Shock. My then girlfriend and now wife hated that watch. I loved it. I still have that watch. It's rugged, it has character, but it also needs a new battery. It was the Apple Watch in 2015 that convinced me to let go of my beloved G Shock. The Apple Watch Ultra is undoubtedly the G SHOCK of Apple Watches and for this reason, I promptly pre-ordered.

So, why did I cancel my pre-order?

A part of me wanted to keep my pre-order so at least I can experience the Apple G Shock for a few days. Perhaps, I should have waited for the reviews. However, after understanding my reasoning, you will agree, the reviews are not relevant.

I have a stainless-steel Series 6 Apple Watch, which Apple provided me as a free upgrade when I had issues with my Series 5. However, back in 2019 (year in which the Series 5 was launched), I decided not to upgrade until the Apple Watch drastically changes. It is my view that the Apple Watch has had the slowest of Apple upgrades. I initially thought, the Apple Watch Ultra is the Apple Watch I have been waiting for. I was WRONG.

  • The software experience on the Series 6 is largely indifferent to the Apple Watch Ultra.
  • The larger battery of the Ultra is still not large enough. Instead of charging daily, the Ultra would require charging every 2-3 days at best. This still means I have to regularly charge the Apple Watch, so I may as well do it daily out of habit.
  • The larger screen will be epic, but as I have discovered since 2015, this largely is a non issue.
  • My Series 6 is working well, and I like the stainless-steel look
  • Despite being somewhat different from the previous Apple Watches, the Ultra still is an Apple Watch. No one is mistaking the Ultra for anything but an Apple Watch. It's 90% regular Apple Watch and 10% Ultra. Percentages are guesstimates.
  • I am optimistic that an Apple Watch redesign will be a reality in the coming years and by that time, my current watch would have aged. A circular Apple Watch would be very cool.
  • In 2022, I am a person who likes the idea of a G SHOCK, but it does not suit my current lifestyle. Perhaps, it does if I gave it that opportunity, but for the reasons outlined here, I am currently not ready to do so.
  • This probably was the key deciding factor. If I could find a family member who wanted my watch, I then would feel more comfortable upgrading. However, those who want an Apple Watch already have one. Lately, I am also conscious of the environment and this is my contribution towards reducing e-waste.

So like in 2019, 2020 and 2021, I am not upgrading my Apple Watch, and it feels good. At least with the Apple Watch, I feel Apple needs to earn my upgrade.

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