Bowser’s perspective

The importance of looking from alternative perspective
Bowser’s perspective
Photo by Ryan Quintal / Unsplash

Memories can be unreliable, which can lead to frustration, but they can also help uncover long-held misunderstandings. I might have been too closed-minded to see things from different angles.

One such misconception is my understanding of the popular Nintendo game, The Super Mario Brothers. In the 90s, I spent many hours playing and replaying this game. Frankly, I couldn't get enough of it. In my adult years, Mario was also prominent through Mario Odyssey, Mario Tennis and Mario Kart. All delightful games that have given me so much joy.

The Super Mario Brothers movie made its debut on Netflix recently. It’s a great movie. I highly recommend it, especially if you are a Super Mario Brothers fan. The movie does justice to the highly acclaimed gaming franchise.

Oddly, in the 100s of the times I played the game, not once did I consider why does Princess Peach need saving from Bowser. I was always focused on my role as someone who is tasked with saving her against all odds. That role, might I add, I took extremely seriously.

However, the movie does prominently showcases Bowser’s perspective. Bowser is an extremely powerful, ruthless turtle who is madly in love with Princess Peach. He is a romantic at heart and he even sings for her. Check out the video below, which is an extended version from the one that is in the movie:

I found the song touching and overall shocks me on how someone so ruthless can have such strong selfless feelings towards someone else. Side track, right after singing this song, he punishes one of his subordinates by telling them “pain is the best treatment”.

So far, I have highlighted Bowser's perspective. Coming back to my beloved character, Mario and his motivations. Again, his motivations are completely different. I figured his actions would be motivated by his desire to impressive Princess Peach. However, he was doing everything for his brother, Luigi. His brotherly love in the movie touched me as I do not have a brother myself.

The larger lessons from all of this is the importance of considering others’s perspectives. We mostly consider our view without considering others. Why someone is doing something is just as important as what they are doing.

Varying and opposing perspectives are part of life. It's important to respect others' view without trying to always change or alter others' view to suit yours.

Anyway, have a great day and be kind.

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