MereCivilian’s Default Apps 2023

more like the anti-default list 🤣
MereCivilian’s Default Apps 2023
Photo by Yasin Hasan / Unsplash

Within the podcasting universe, there is a hidden gem, the Hemispheric Views. If you have not heard of it, I rather not ruin it for you.. Go listen to the most recent episode and decide for yourself. You are in for a treat. I already envy your position thinking about it.

Anyway, this blog post is 100% inspired from Episode 097 - Duel of the Defaults and from the over 100 blog posts that have also been inspired from this one episode of Hemispheric Views. Rob Knight has kindly listed all these blog posts here for your enjoyment.

I honestly was not intending to write this blog post because I am going through a transition away from Apple apps/services in general. Therefore, you may notice that this is more of an Anti Default app blog post.

📮 Mail Server: Google Workspace (grandfathered into free plan 😆) and MxRoute

📨 Mail Client: HEY Email (Why HEY)

📝 Notes: Notion and Tot

✅ To-Do: Todoist

📷 iPhone Photo Shooting: Google Camera and Apple Camera

🟦 Photos Management: Google Photos

📆 Calendar: Google Calendar and Fantastical

📅 Calendar Backend: iCloud and Google

📁 Cloud File Storage: Dropbox

📖 RSS: Feedbin

🙍🏻‍♂️ Contacts Management: iCloud

🔎 Browser: Arc on MacBook, Chrome on Android and Safari on iOS

💬 Chat: Beeper (all chats in one app: WhatsApp, Google Messages and iMessage)

🔖 Bookmarks: Raindrop

📑 Read-it-Later: Reader from Readwise

📜 Word Processing: what is that???

🛒 Shopping List: Apple Reminders

💰 Budgeting and finance: Moneywiz and Frollo

📰 News: Feedbin, Mailbrew, ABC News, BBC News

🎵 Music: Spotify and YouTube Music

🎤 Podcast: Pocket Casts

🔐 Password Management: 1Password

Actually, this had been fun. I provide zero context or reasonings why I use these apps and services, but that makes this list fun. It’s my list. Take it or leave it.

I can tell you, 5 months ago, most of the apps listed above would have been Apple focused. Kinda pleased with where I am at the moment where I am enjoying life living in multiple ecosystems. Strangely, it works well, dare I say, better than it did when I was only in Apple’s ecosystem. Living like this provides me with the opportunity to use the best features of every ecosystem and disregard the terrible ones.

Anyway, have a great weekend.. Be kind.

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