Chokepoint Capitalism

Book 2 of 2023

I discovered this book when I heard the authors interviewed in the Decoder podcast. It is one of those books that details how the BIG TECH are ripping off artists/creators. At first, I was pretty disinterested because I wasn’t in the right mood to understand how companies that I deal with on a daily basis are screwing the little guy. However, I pushed through, and the authors did not disappoint. It wasn’t particularly easy getting this book, as it’s not available on Audible or the Kindle App Store. I actually borrowed it via Libby and read the entire book on my iPad Mini. I must confess, through this process, I kept thinking how much more comfortable is reading on the Kindle compared to the iPad Mini. I understand why it’s not available on Amazon platforms. This book did encourage me to find ebook alternatives, and for a moment, I almost ordered the new Kobo e-book reader.

If you are at all interested in Big Tech, I recommend this book.

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