Envy vs Jealous

Envy vs Jealous

Strangely, on a very rainy Saturday morning, I am exploring these two very distinct emotions which appear to be used interchangeably but this is further from the truth.

To ensure, I correctly have this cemented in my mind, I am defining it in my own words:

Envy: I desire something that is enjoyed by someone else.

Jealous: I am threatened by someone taking something from me.

“Envy” is motivating and “Jealousy” is damaging.

Being a jealous in itself appears in my mind as a negative emotion/thought. While being envious of someone has a positive and motivating vibe to it.

I envy many writers and creators and strive towards publishing content that is enjoyable to others. In simple terms, I want others to be envious of my writing.

This motivates me.

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