Ghost Blog: Too many login attempts

Recently, I had drama unfold with this very blog itself. Ghost, my blogging platform decided to play games with me. It decided to log me out😡, block🤬 me from my own website and gave me the following error:

“Too many login attempts”

Ghost forums are plagued with numerous users facing this exact error and countless solutions provided. Well, unfortunately for me, either none of those worked or I was not able to implement them.

What worked?

It appears the nightmare of losing access to my blog was caused by Cloudflare. I am assuming, the frequent caching of the page, was causing this issue.

I resolved this by going to my Cloudflare settings and adding a Page Rule to bypass any Cloudflare activity on

Note: Free Cloudflare users are limited to 3 page rules only.

Next day, I logged in just fine and life made sense again 😀.

This blog post is for those who are struggling with the same issue and may be of help. Note this worked for my setup.

If you found this helpful, take one of your parents out for coffee (and cake😋) and enjoy a conversation.

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