Have you ever quit a job?

I have not, and I do not intend to anytime soon. In 2020, I completed ten years with my current employer.

Perhaps, I am not brave enough or adventurous enough. In all honesty, I do not live for work. I work to live. Fortunately, I enjoy my job most of the time but not all the time. I am happy with this.

Occasionally, I think, how exciting it would be to tell my manager to fuck off; I am done with this shit hole. Exactly, like in the movies. But, fortunately, I have no reason to take this action. My manager is not perfect, but it's alright, and my team is pretty good, and we do good work together.

However, my choice not to take any action, I am shutting myself from other opportunities that may come my way had I quit my current job. Perhaps, I will get more money, more experience, be exposed to new work, and meet new people. However, like most things in life, there is no guarantee that I will enjoy my next job.

I have many personal responsibilities, and I am incredibly grateful that my work life is not as hectic, and there is a comforting sense of security that I am not willing to let go of. I want to be the person who is available for my family and my friends at a moment's notice. My current job provides me with the freedom to be that person. That is priceless for me.

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