Humour is the best medicine

Humour is the best medicine

After writing my previous post, I was feeling a bit uneasy and a bit worrisome. So I thought I would read on my kindle. Unfortunately, kindle battery was dead (first world problem, I know). Th next best thing would have been almost anything else but I ended up on Youtube which suggested a Tedtalk by James Veitch. I spent the next 20 minutes enjoying some fantastic content about spam mail. After such a long time, I was smiling and feeling great. For a moment there, I forgot everything and was simply enjoying a fantastic tedtalk.

Very cleverly, James was able to build the suspense and anticipation where the audience gets hooked into what would happen next and how the spammer would react. James has a way of making all of us part of the journey. The standing ovations from the crowd shows the impact James was able to make by talking about something as boring as spam.

Spam mail can bring joy too :)

Don't get me wrong, I still hate spam. And each Monday morning, I say a short prayer to the people at Microsoft to improve their Outlook spam filter.

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