Its been at least a month of being isolated at home. Initially, I positively utlised this time watching Netflix and playing games. However, you soon realise there is more to life than this. I quickly matured and when down a strange rabbit hole of discovering what a person living on this planet can do live a happy fulfilling life. As a person of science, my search halted on a TedTalk Video by Mr. Robert Waldinger.

The findings shared are based on a very lengthy case study, which leads his team to conclude that a happy life is build on relationships. In the coming weeks, from an analytic perspective, I intend to explore this in detail to find answers whether the study can apply to my circumstances. I am excited for this journey

Since mid January 2020, my eyes have been glued to various media outlets globally and each time, the impacts of COVID-19 leaves an uneasy and disheartening feeling. This isn't an unfamiliar to me, considering the recent past and each time I ask myself what can I do, I'm just a mere civilian. Well, my efforts begin here and now.