Little luxuries in life

"A luxury, once sampled and/or enjoyed, becomes a necessity"

I spent the first eighteen years of my life in a remote part of this beautiful planet of ours. Remote in the sense that I was isolated from the western world, surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and protected by the natural forest. Looking back, a lot of my happy memories are from that phase of my life.

Today, I think of the little luxuries I have now that we take for granted:

  • hot shower
  • own bed with memory form mattress
  • air conditioning
  • reliable and continuous electricity
  • hair products: my hair was a complete mess
  • electric tooth brush and water flosser

It is interesting how quickly the above luxuries become necessities. Even more interesting is that life was still happy, joyous without these things. Obviously, these are super nice. In winter, the only thing better than a hot shower is a hot shower with glass red wine๐Ÿท.

I am most comfortable with a simple lifestyle with humble needs, surrounded by family and positive energy.

This post is a reminder to find joy in what we already have and be mindful that a luxury today can become a need tomorrow.

There is nothing wrong with luxuries. I just prefer less than more.

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