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Talking to my 3-month son

Today, was a tough day for my son and me. For me, it was one of those days where I started work at 7am and didn't finish until 7pm. I rarely have such days where my work is so demanding. Usually, on Fridays, I finish at midday. Not today. I had several setbacks with my client work, but eventually, I ended the day with meaning progress towards desired finalising client work.

Being starving, I smashed the chicken stir-fry in black bean sauce that my wife made. Washed it down with a glass of red wine. I, still, was restless.

After dinner, I spent quality time with son and just talked to him. I told him about my day, about my work and things on my mind. It was an open, frank talk where I just rambled on. I usually do not talk about work stuff with anyone, not even my wife. I, then, also apologised to him for not being around today. Usually, I spend a lot of time with him during the day. Today, I was otherwise occupied with a deadline looming. Meanwhile, my son struggled to sleep most of the day and cried his lungs out. I heard his cries and my heart sunk. I cuddled him during my lunch break and any other breaks I could squeeze in. Nothing I did, helped. He kept crying and a little voice inside me kept saying… terrible parent!

A talk with my son did a lot of good for me. I felt better. Who knew, talking through things can be so beneficial. My son didn’t judge me or interrupted me. He created a warm, welcoming environment for me to just talk without worrying about anything.....

I put him to sleep…. It wasn’t easy…but, seeing my son sleeping is so peaceful… so, humbly heart-warming.

Weekend is around the corner and my calendar is 100% dedicated to my son!

Let’s, make this weekend count 🤞