MereCivilian welcomes a baby boy 😍

If there is a limit to happiness, joy and admiration, I most certainly crossed it when my baby boy was born days ago.

My wife and I are overjoyed, overwhelmed, sleep-deprived and extremely blessed. My sister said, my life has now changed. I responded: it's improved at an exponential rate and keeps on getting better with each passing moment holding my son close to my heart and feeling is heartbeat.

This feeling cannot be described with mere words. In most of my adult life, I have not seen fatherhood as something I seek, but it is growing on me. I spent hours looking at him. I am completely mesmerised by him and super attached to him. He has captured my thoughts, my attention, and my future.

I feel a little under prepared, a little scared but mostly exited.

If you are on cloud nine, look up, you may find me 😁🀩

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