Check in: Podcasts I unsubscribed 3 years ago

On 1st of the May 2018, I unsubscribed to the following podcasts:

At the time, I was discovering many new podcasts and as such I pruned my podcast subscription list to make space for new ones. You may notice that mostly I unsubscribed from tech podcasts. I wanted to expose myself to new voices and new topics. We are extremely lucky that we are blessed with high-quality podcasts. Recently, the Wondery network has impressed me with their story telling.

Occasionally, I will find people recommend a particular episode from a podcast that I have unsubscribed and if it interests me, I listen to that particular episode but so far, 3 years on, I have yet to re-subscribe.

To clarify, all the above podcasts are great, and I urge you to check them out. However, for me, it was time to move on to other voices and check out varying perspectives.

With that said, today, I unsubscribed to 9 more podcasts to make space for new podcasts such as The Ezra Klein Show, Against the Odds, Land of the Giants etc.

I think of this process has pruning my podcast subscription garden and its oddly satisfying.

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