Rough Day: My 8-month baby fell off the bed

There is no way to slice this story that makes me feel better and/or justifies my carelessness.

Before dinner, my wife put my son to sleep in a queen bed. In hindsight, we should have got a baby cot. We are currently in a rural country town staying with my in-laws. We have been for almost a month. Anyway, we enjoyed a nice dinner together, and I kept an eye on my son through the baby camera monitor.

I have never aimed for a father of the year award, but I knew when my son was in my care, he will be happy and will not get hurt. I have maintained this for eight months, but today, I failed.

My son loves the baby camera. As soon as he gets up, the first thing he does is knock off the baby camera off the bed. By this point, I am already close by, so I can see him do this. These days, he knows I am watching him, so he will wait until I hide and then, he goes for the camera. He is so cute 🥰.

Today, I have no idea what he did. It’s all too hazy. Suddenly, I heard his cries and rushed to the bedroom, only to find him on the carpet floor next to the bed. He fell off the bed, onto the carpet floor. He was crying his lungs out, and I hugged him and cuddled him. I also whispered in both his ears, “I am sorry” a dozen times. The brave, strong boy stopped crying. He looked at me with his big beautiful eyes almost saying; Where were you?. In a split second, my son got hurt under my care.

My heart sank, and I cried a little without showing it on my face. My wife was totally distraught. She didn’t say anything. She didn’t have to. Her eyes said everything.

We checked every part of his body, and he seemed fine. Moments later, he was playing with his favourite toys. We are lucky 🍀. He seems to have survived this ordeal.

I am truly upset and disappointed with myself. Additionally, I am super mad 😡 at myself. So many emotions… I decided to call it a night with the hope that tomorrow’s sunrise brings a new ray of hope and another chance to be a much better parent.

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