World Happiness

The concept of happiness has always intrigued me. I want to think that I am happy in the grand scheme of things. Having said that, I also have moments where things aren’t going so well.

However, we all live our individual lives, and it’s almost impossible to know whether people around us are happy. My neighbours seem happy and content with their lives, but I am curious about their response if I ask them - Are you happy?

By the way, being happy is not the same as being satisfied. Understanding the difference will help you know what matters. Happiness is a state of mind, while satisfaction is the absence of want. Meaning our desires need to be met for us to be satisfied. This is a never-ending process as our desires are constantly changing. The iPhone that satisfied me a few years ago is no longer sufficient. That iPhone is the same; my desires are not.

If I were to respond to the same question (Are you Happy?), my response has remained the same for years:

In the grand scheme of things, I am happy!

However, based on the World Happiness Report 2022, happiness levels unsurprisingly vary significantly from country to country.

The graphic below from Visual Capital provides an excellent summary:

These reports are helpful to understand what is going on around the world. If people are not happy, that has a ripple effect on so many things impacting so many other lives.

An alternative view of this report is that regardless of our happiness levels, humans are survivors, and we do our best to make a good life for our family and friends; and our country at large.

I may not be able to contribute to the happiness levels around the globe (perhaps I can through, but being kind, considerate and respectful of others goes a long way towards a better tomorrow. Personally, my better days are when I make others happy around me.

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