Yoga Challenge

First Experiment of 2024
Yoga Challenge
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2024: Experiment One - Yoga for me

Back in December, I was thinking about 2024 and what that holds for me on a personal level. I decided that 2024 will be the year of experiments. It’s about doing things I have never done and also stop doing things that I always do. The aim being to observe how my mind and body react to these changes, both positively and negatively. Its just another way I am attempting to better understand my body and mind.

In January, I came across a 30 Day Yoga Journey video on YouTube by Adriene. At first, I was meh about it, but it ticked all the boxes. It's something I have never tried and believed that my body aint build for yoga. I gave it a go.

I started this challenge on 4 January and finished on 7 Feb 2024. It obviously took me over 30 days, but I was determined to complete this challenge. The days I couldn’t do it were not because I was lazy. There were genuine reasons (such as being sick and also being away from home, etc)

Throughout the journey, I documented my thoughts and progress.

Please excuse my handwriting, and I cannot say it will get better with time. However, for the last six months, I have been more into pen and paper rather than using digital tools to capture my thoughts. I cannot quite understand why, but I find it easier to put my thoughts on paper compared to an app on my digital devices.

What was it like?

First, Adriene is an excellent guide and teacher who can guide you throughout the journey without judgment. Yoga is a unique experience. It’s not like running in the park or doing some weight training in the gym. The way my body felt in sync with my mind during every yoga session is surreal and if I had to guess, this is the primary reason I kept coming back each day to be guided by Adriene. Yoga is not like exercise… it’s a practice.

It’s almost like the mind can feel what the body is feeling and vice versa. Now, it sounds like a big claim, and it’s weird something so simple can have such a profound impact on me. It is.. what it is... sometimes; the truth is stranger than fiction.

It is difficult (and it’s challenging) and many of the positions taken during the practice are beyond what my body can do. However, I am pleasantly surprised by what my body could do on Day One compared to what my body did on Day Fourteen. The most obvious change is the flexibility I feel in my body. I can now stand on one leg without falling. I fell so many times early on.

Each day, the mind came up with millions of reasons to skip today's session but its about showing up each day.. for yourself...

Doing it at home, especially after work, became a ritual of some sort. It feels peculiar and embarrassing to do it while others are around at home. Once, I didn’t realise my son was watching, and even he started doing the downward facing dog. It was hilarious.

The ritual aspect of it is crucial. Every practice ends the same way….with the palms together, thumb to third eye, deep breath in(lots of love in) and deep breath out (lots of love out)… and then, you whisper.. Namaste. At this point, the body feels so good, so humbled by the experience, and my overall mood is calm and happy.

If I had to put it in the most simple words, it’s like a meditative exercise where the body and mind are in sync without judgment and with trust and positivity.

Some days are more difficult than others (regardless of the reason), it is beautiful that I can give myself this opportunity to practice yoga… A moment for myself and only for myself. That's special.

So what now?

Simple, this challenge has been an eye-opener and the plan is to continue with the yoga practice for another 60 days, practicing 4–5 times a week.

Until next time, be kind to others and also to yourself...

Lots of love in... lots of love out...Namaste

written in Ulysses on MacBook Pro M1

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