Google Pixel Fold (7 months later)

Scattered thoughts on the best foldable in 2024
Google Pixel Fold (7 months later)

The Google Pixel Fold aims to be a good phone when folded and a good tablet when unfolded. It does not excel at either, but it is good enough. That is my TLDR on the Google Pixel Fold.

The beauty of Android is that it comes with diverse variations. Having tried almost all of them, I much prefer the Google Pixel version of Android. It's clean, beautiful and without bloatware. When Google launched the Pixel Fold, I was super happy and a little disappointed because it was not officially coming to Australia. I ended up getting an imported version.

I will not rehash the underlying reasons for choosing the Google's variant of Android. Instead, I refer you to my following blog post:

Why I like Android πŸ€–
Things I like about Android that do not exist on iOS and iPadOS

The best foldable in the market is the one from Google. Unlike any other foldable, the form factor of the Pixel Fold is perfect. As such, it is unfortunate that there are rumors about Google changing the form factor for Pixel Fold 2.

Despite its heft, it's comfortable to hold and feels nice in the hand. Many android phones today still have finger print reader on the power button. People often underestimate the value of this feature because by the time I extract my phone from my pocket; my phone is unlocked, ready to use. The outer screen of the Pixel Fold is the perfect size and aspect ratio. I'd buy a regular phone if it has the same outer display form factor.

After 7 months of using a foldable, I am surprised there are no iPhone Fold rumors

My Android Home Screen

Back in April 2024, I detailed the apps I use on my Unfiltered Blog:

πŸ€– My Android Home Screen (April 2024)
Pixel Fold Unfolded Home Screen I enjoy dark aesthetics. Actually, the phone is always in dark mode. The Dock:β€’ WhatsApp: the hub of communication with friends and family β€’ HEY Email: the Rolex of email…

My Pixel Fold Usage

Today, I am reflecting on how my use of the Pixel Fold has changed the way I interact with a mobile phone. The most profound impact of the Pixel Fold was that it replaced my iPad Pro 12.9 under some circumstances. Prior to the Pixel Fold, when I went into the office (which at the time was 3 days a week), I used to carry my iPhone Pro Max and my 2018 iPad Pro 12.9. My "going to work" EDC changed significantly from a big Peak Design backpack to a smaller backpack or a sling. At work, the iPad Pro was a secondary device for browsing the web, conducing research, emails, etc. The Pixel Fold enhances the comfort and immersion of these activities. In addition, I can do these activities discreetly. It's pretty hard not to notice someone using a 12.9 inch iPad 🍭.

A key distinct feature of a foldable as the screen space for a dual pane view. The dual pane view is pure joy to use. Apps like, Notion, Todoist, Google Weather, Dropbox, FeedBin (web view), WhatsApp, Calm, Beeper, etc are more useful on a foldable display. For example, on WhatsApp, you can have your chats on the left and your conversations on the right. On Todoist, you have your projects on the left and your tasks on the right. This experience is just not possible on a mobile that is not a foldable. On a regular phone, you get only one pane view instead of a dual pane view.

The gallery below highlights the distinct advantages of a foldable. In simple terms, you get the iPad view on your mobile phone.

More examples:

When I got the Pixel Fold last year, the number of apps optimised for it was tiny. That number has increased significantly and a lot of the mainstream apps that I use have good foldable support. This comforts me. Even the Apple Music app on android has foldable support. It's just like an iPad Mini:

Apple iPad Mini vs Google Pixel Fold
This is not a comparison that is usually made. The two are very different devices, but there is one thing common amongst both these devices, that being, both devices are tablets. The beauty of the Google Pixel Fold is that it unfolds into a mini tablet size. I have been

I currently use HEY as my email app. Unfortunately, this app does not support dual pane functionality. It's unlikely that this will change soon, as the HEY app does not support dual pane anywhere. When I receive an email that is worth reading, I simply unfold my Pixel Fold and instantly I have a bigger canvas to read. I actually, enjoy reading it on the Pixel Fold. There is something quite special that I cannot put my finger on. I attempted to replicate this on the iPad Mini but its not the same. The aspect ratio of the Pixel Fold is just right when reading in landscape.

πŸ‘Ž Where Pixel Fold falls short?

The device is truly fantastic, but I can't help but compare it to my iPhone Pro Max. This is because I am a two phone person:

Why I carry two phones?
Updated: 23 April 2024 Despite carrying two phones for more than I year, it occurred to me that I have yet to document the reasons why at that time (early 2023), I decided to carry two phones. It’s important for me to have this documented should I need to reflect

The following two areas need improvement:


The photos coming out of the Pixel Fold are pretty great and many times on par with my iPhone. Selfies are even better because the Pixel Fold allows me to use the main camera for selfies:

Two people use the Rear Camera on the Pixel Fold to take a selfie. We see the back and sides of their heads as they smile at the camera
Source: Google Blog

Although the Pixel Fold's camera has many strong points, its weakness lies in taking videos. Unfortunately, it doesn't perform exceptionally well in this aspect and can be average at best. As a parent who often captures videos of my son, I usually prefer using the iPhone for this task. The Pixel Fold's video quality is subpar, especially in low light conditions. While it may be deemed acceptable objectively, it significantly lags behind the iPhone in comparison.

Battery Life:

Another major weak point is the battery life. It is inconsistent. There are days when it last almost the whole day and other times I need to charge by mid day. As for the iPhone, I simply charge it overnight and that's the end of it. It makes sense because obviously the Pixel Fold is powering multiple screens (one outer displayer and a larger inner display). Also, I am likely using it a lot more compared to my iPhone and for that reason, the battery drain difference between the two devices is more profound.

The processor in the Pixel Fold is not as efficient as its other android counter parts (referring to the Snapdragaon chip on Samsung phones). Likely (and hopefully), the next version will have a more efficient processor.

These are pretty significant downsides because cameras and battery life are the two pillars of a smartphone.


I absolutely adore this phone. I upgrade to the newest iPhone every year, but I must say, this mobile phone has brought me an unparalleled level of enjoyment. It truly offers a one-of-a-kind experience in the world of smartphones.

I have been without my Pixel Fold since 22 May 2024 because of an unfortunate event πŸ’”. I will explain the details in a future blog post. Today, all I can say is that I really miss my Pixel Fold and it's been tough without it. Stay tuned 🀘

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