My Pixel Fold is no more πŸ€–

My Pixel Fold is no more πŸ€–
TLDR: Because of a tiny stuck pixel on my Pixel Fold's inner display, I no longer have an Android phone in my life.

The size of the stuck pixel is beyond any exaggeration:

red arrow pointing to the tiny stuck pixel on the left side

Zoomed into the tiny stuck pixel:

pretty colourful isn't it

What happened?

On 1st May 2024, I noticed a small imperfection which I thought was a dead pixel. This apparently is a common misconception. My research has led me to the conclusion that it's a stuck pixel, not a dead pixel. From my point of view, it was a blemish on my otherwise ideal garden.

I reached out to the seller from whom I purchased the Pixel Fold and did not hear from them for days/weeks. During this time, I also contacted Google Support. At first, they offered to send me a replacement, Pixel Fold. Upon providing my shipping details, they changed their mind. Pixel Fold did not launch in Australia and therefore, I bought an imported version from a local seller. I knew the risks and the local seller provided 12 months warranty. Google refused to provide any support because Australia is not a market the Pixel Fold was officially launched in.

Side note: Google, as an international corporation, should offer support to all individuals regardless of their location. This also applies to other companies like Apple and Samsung, who have similar policies.

Side note: Google, as an international corporation, should offer support to all individuals regardless of their location. This also applies to other companies like Apple and Samsung, who have similar policies.

On 12th May 2024, I finally heard from the local seller who asked me to ship the device back to them. When I sent the device, I was fully expecting a refurbished replacement of the Pixel Fold.

The seller confirmed on May 29, 2024, that the device cannot be repaired. They requested my bank account details to issue a full refund. Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised when they offered a refund. I do not know of any occurrence where a seller provides a full refund when a device cannot be repaired. Usually, the seller will provide a refurbished device or send a brand new device.

I bought the Pixel Fold in September 2024 for AUD2900. In June 2024, I received a refund of AUD3000. Actually, I do not know why the seller refunded more than I paid for the Pixel Fold. Frankly, I didn't care to find out. I am super pleased with getting a refund. I used the Pixel Fold for a whole 7 months without any cost. How is cool is this seller? I am tempted to make all my future purchases from them. Their support takes time, but cannot complain with the end result.

So what now?

The obvious decision was simply to purchase another Pixel Fold. Ironically, the same seller who refunded me the Pixel Fold was still selling the device at a discounted price of AUD2200. Therefore, I could have bought a brand new Pixel Fold and still pocket AUD800.

However, something very interesting happened in the 6 weeks of not having a Pixel Fold. Frankly, I was super upset and frustrated by the entire experience. I carry two phones by choice. I was left to merge both my use cases to my iPhone 15 Pro max. This was surprisingly easy. The Pixel Fold had replaced my iPad Pro especially on days when I am in the office. However, without it, I was really missing it at work. I had my Mum's iPad Mini 6 which I was supposed to give back. Strangely, it has been weeks since she gave it to me to fix a software issue. She has not asked for it since then so I thought, why not use it for my purpose? Sorry mum πŸ˜”

To sum it up, taking notes on the iPad Mini with the Apple Pencil is a pleasant experience. But that's where the good news stops. It is not a replacement for the Pixel Fold, which has so many distinct advantages that the iPad Mini does not.

My iPad Mini does not have cellular capabilities. Therefore, I rely on the iPhone hotspot feature. However, it did not work as seamlessly as expected. The Pixel Fold has the perfect form factor and web pages are presented so well. It's so immersive because content is so close to you. I am struggling to explain this.

Interestingly, I have previously compared the two and the Pixel Fold was a clear winner for my use case:

Apple iPad Mini vs Google Pixel Fold
This is not a comparison that is usually made. The two are very different devices, but there is one thing common amongst both these devices, that being, both devices are tablets. The beauty of the Google Pixel Fold is that it unfolds into a mini tablet size. I have been

It's astonishing how quickly I transitioned back to the Apple ecosystem, despite living a diverse ecosystem lifestyle for a period. There is a sense of comfort and ease of being only in the Apple ecosystem. For many reasons, it's just easier to be in the Apple ecosystem.

This is not the end of the story. Only time will tell how it unfolds.

For now, I have deferred the purchase. Pixel Fold 2 is expected to launch in August/September (only a few months away) so it's best I wait for that. I am hoping, this time around, it's officially launches in Australia.

I miss the Pixel Fold. Eagerly awaiting 13 August 2024 (Google Pixel Event).

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