MacBook Pro Max’s Real Life Battery Test

A primary reason for getting the 16inch version of the MacBook Pro is to provide me with the flexibility of working from the backyard and frankly, anywhere else but my study. With my ageing eyes, 16inch was a no-brainer. I enjoy working and spending time in my dedicated study because it's a part of the home where nobody else uses. However, since working from home full time, a change in surroundings will assist with my focus and provide good vibes.

Setup: MacBook Pro 16inch (10-Core CPU, 32-Core GPU, 32GB Unified Memory, 1TB SSD Storage) on the Roost Stand with the magic keyboard, Magic Trackpad and Magic Mouse. No external monitor connected. No ports were used for the entire day.

Apps used: Citrix Workspace, Microsoft Teams, WebEx Meeting, Pocket Casts, Endel, Notion, Things and 1Password.

I started my workday at 6:49am and ended the day at 5:15pm. It was a long day (at-least for me). I use the Citrix Workspace app to remotely connect to my WORK PC. I had a couple of meetings on Microsoft Teams and WebEx Meeting and there is always something playing in the background. The MacBook speakers are also great.

After 10 hours of working (where the MacBook did not go to sleep), I ended the day with 30% battery remaining. This is fantastic. iStat Menu predicts the MacBook can run for another 3hrs and 20 minutes.

When I read The Verge’s MacBook Pro review, I was concerned that the Max’s battery life is sub par. However, those concerns were unfounded. I never want to be in a position where I am working for 10 plus hours. On most days, I work 7 hours and that is fine for me. After all, regardless of how much you enjoy working, having a good work/life balance is important for your mental well-being.

I am very impressed with this machine and hope to use it for many years to come. I also just purchased Apple Care because I am not taking any chances on this expensive piece of amazing machinery.

Pro or Max

It is clear to me from reading numerous reviews; the Pro has the better battery life. This, in hindsight, should be obvious because Apple used the Pro version for their 21 hours battery life claim.

95% of the time, my MacBook is connected to the LG 5k Ultrafine display. Therefore, I was never seeking a Macbook with the best possible battery life. Honestly, I was also not seeking a Macbook with the most power chip either. However, thanks to Apple’s engineering, I now have both. A powerful laptop with extraordinary battery life.

I am happy with my choice, I rather have the most powerful chip because the trade-off (few hours of battery life) has no material impact on my experience with using this computer.

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