Time ensures children never know their parents young.

Time ensures children never know their parents young.
Photo by Fallon Michael / Unsplash

As I father myself, I was trying to recall a clear memory of how my parents were when they were young, and I was a baby. Sadly, I do not have such vivid memory. Of course, I do not, I was a baby. I was curious how my mum and dad cared for me and played with me. Small things like how did they calm me down when I was crying, or simple things like, did I sleep in their bed when I was a baby?

Thankfully and with God’s, both my mum and dad are with me and are in good health. My 5-month son has provided me with a glimpse of what my parents would have been like when they were young parents. It's heartwarming to see my dad spend hours with my son. He is so good with him, and he has a gift where he can put my son to sleep effortlessly. My mum on the other hand struggles to put him to sleep, but she also spends lots of time talking to him and making funny noises that make my son smile and my heart melt. I am over 30 years old and never have I heard my mum make those sounds. It’s almost like my parents have gone back into their young age.

Parenthood is extremely rewarding. However, not in my wildest of dreams, I thought my son could give me a glimpse into knowing and discovering the youthful versions of my parents. This is a priceless experience, and I am overjoyed.

In 2021, my son is in good luck, as he has many videos he can view in his adult years to comprehend how both my wife and I cared for him. We also have videos on how our son frustrated us and tested our patience. All part of the incredible journey. I do not have such memories but my son will.

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