Netflix Documentary: House of Secrets

House of Secrets is a twisted, chilling, complicated and non-rational/non-logical true story of a horrific event.

Recently, I finished watching a three part documentary on Netflix exploring the theories surrounding the demise of 11 members of the same family on 30 June 2018 in Delhi, India. I was speechless and shocked to my core.

Ten of the eleven people β€” two men, six women and two teenagers β€” were found hanging in the courtyard of their family home. They were blindfolded, and their mouths were taped. The oldest family member, the grandmother, was strangled. Three generations of family died in one single night.

Reading the above, still gives me the chills. The documentary focuses on what happened and how it happened, attempting to determine if this is a mass murder or mass suicide. Based on my interpretation from this documentary, it is neither. No one person intended to kill anyone, and none of the 11 members intended to die. The family thought this entire process was part of a ritual and expected to be saved.

This story; also allows the viewer to experience other side issues, such as:

  • The coverage of this incident by media outlets (some not all) in India is concerning and pathetic
  • The detail notes captured by the family members in 11 diaries found
  • The practical issues in transporting 11 bodies and the arduous task of conducting a funeral for 11 family members. Truly heart breaking.
  • The religious aspect of this story

The underlying message the makers of this documentary are attempting to convey is the importance of taking mental illness seriously and taking the steps towards getting help and treating the underlying mental health issue.

Furthermore, the documentary highlights that from a young age, especially in a traditional Indian family (me thinks, this is probably most families), the kids are brought up with the message to keep the happenings of the family within the family. I cannot help but think that if one of the 11 members of the family had said anything/something about this to anyone else, the entire family may still be alive.

I am conflicted on whether I recommend people watch this documentary. Honestly, I have not mentioned this documentary to anyone in my family or my friends circle. Part of me, wishes I had not watched it.

House of Secrets is a twisted, chilling, complicated and non-rational/non-logical true story of a horrific event.

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