iPhone 13 Mini: so close yet too far

Earlier this year, I was tempted by the purple iPhone 12 mini and spent a few weeks testing the device. I enjoyed the experience, but ultimately ended up returning the device. The primary reasons being the terrible battery life and unsatisfactory camera system.

The iPhone 13 Mini launched with supposedly fixing my concerns, with a bigger battery life (approximately 10% bigger) and a new camera system. I got the blue 128gb iPhone 13 Mini. This colour is miles better than the Sierra blue iPhone 13 Pro. It amazes me that the non-pro models look better and are easier to hold with its grippy back.

Without rambling on, with a bigger battery, the iPhone 13 mini still has terrible battery life. Battery usage varies significantly based on your usage. I am working from home; with perfect cell coverage and Wi-Fi connection, the iPhone battery is 20-30% by dinner time. This is OK. It's not great (My iPhone 13 Pro is at 50-60%). However, this is a new battery, largely used at home. Batteries, by nature, will only get worse and in the outside world, with 5G, the battery life will only worsen.

One reason the Pro models have better battery life is because of pro motion display.

Apple makes Pro phones in two sizes: 6.7โ€ and 6.1โ€. All I want is a 5.4โ€ Pro iPhone. This iPhone will have pro motion, and 3 camera system with increased battery life and more ram.

Perhaps, next year, Apple will launch the iPhone 14 Pro Mini. For now, I will have to live with the iPhone 13 Pro. I know, I knowโ€ฆ I live a tough life, but someone has to do it.

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