Raw Journey of the Last of Us 2

A walkthrough of my journey through LAST OF US 2
Raw Journey of the Last of Us 2

For the first time, I documented my journey as I was playing a game. This includes my thoughts as I am progressing through this fantastic game.

You will observe that it took me a long time to finish this game. This is because, as a responsible adult, gaming on many occasions takes a back seat. This is not my review but in summary, in my view, this game is fanfreakingtastic .

I found experiencing the journey from two opposing characters fasinating and eye opening. In most cases, its clear who the bad guy is. In this one, after understanding both their stories, you root for both of them and in many cases, you root for Abby and not Ellie.

Once again, Naughty Dog managed to imerse me in their life like stories and amazing execution.

28 September 2020

  • different and varying level of difficulty options provided (this is important).
  • one hell of a time figuring out how to take pictures. Still not sure if I managed to take it.
  • the process of upgrading weapons is cool

29 September 2020

  • the attack on Joel was strategic and also a huge shock considering it was from a player/character that you were playing - Abby
  • Joel dies in front of me. Tragic, helpless and the death of a beloved character. Still do not know why?
  • I (Ellie) want revenge.
  • The journey begins with my GF and I
  • Playing of the guitar in the music shop is a nice touch.
  • Looking for fuel to open the gate - seems unnecessary but this results in exploring the surrounds and uncovering other stories.
  • Starting the generator can be frustrating.
  • They shot my horse. Not cool.
  • its so funny to break a glass at a place where your enemies are hiding which results in the infected attacking them while you wait and see the infected killing your enenmies for you.

30 September 2020

  • in the tunnels. I know this is just a game and if I die, I will restart again. Nevertheless, the fear feels so real. When there are a bunch of them chasing you, the sound effects, the fear, the camera movements. It all feels so real and scares the shit of you. For a moment you forget that its a game.

1 October 2020

  • another guitar session. it does feel repetitive. Reminds you once agin why you are doing what you are doing. There is a also a flash back to Joel giving a surprise. its such a nice memory where Joel does give. a dinosaur
  • than you actually go through the Wyoming Museum. its so well done this part. You can spend a lot of time here. I have not been to this museum but it appears like it's a real replica. there is a old spaceship that you can get into. Off-course you wear the space helmet before going in. They both get into the space ship and Joel gives her a tape for a birthday gift. The tape is a recording of the launch/lift off to space. Such a beautiful moment. After coming back from space, she gets a welcome to earth pin which she puts it her backpack. The developers very cleverly showcase the bond they shared and why this is so important to her.
  • we may have found Tommy. Because Dina is pregnant, I went by myself to save Tommy.
  • Hillcrest - got bow and arrow - yay

2 October 2020

  • hillcrest is a beast but I found Jessie towards the end. more like he found me. Now we are all back with Dina.
  • interesting dynamics now that we all three of us are here. I seem to be distanced out
  • another flashback - 2 years ago. This one has snipping the infected with Tommy. Its distance shooting and you have to factor in the drop in bullet covering that distance.
  • The next sequence is very drawn out with the mission of finding Tommy. I am solo and heading towards the medical centre. I am particularly enjoying going stealth and killing enemies with bow and arrow. So satisfying when you get a headshot.

4 October 2020

  • the search for Aby has brought me to the hospital. Have going through it and killing Aby’s friend, I still have no clue where she is. Her friend chose to die rather then tell me anything
  • I am hurt but back with Dina and Jessie
  • another flash back- 2 years earlier - I am at a hospital
  • (the ps4 pro fans are working overtime. I can hear them from 1.5m away)
  • Ellie ask Joel what happened at the hospital. Demanding the truth.
  • Making a vaccine would have killed Ellie so Joel stopped them. So I live and thats the reason there is no vaccine. Joel picked me. This is why the relationship is sour and can be the reason why Joel was killed.
  • Flashback is over and back to Day 3 in Seattle.
  • I find this story telling through flashbacks very effective.
  • Jessie finally finds out that Dina is pregnant. Dina is not well.
  • We decide to leave Dina and find Tommy.
  • Jessie parted ways to go after tommy
  • Meanwhile, I am in a boat heading towards Abby.
  • every now and than the battery of your torch will die so you have to tap your controller to restart it. nice touch
  • Jessie and Tommy found me. No sign of Abby
  • We all are back with Dina.

5 October 2020

  • Jessie dies. Abby has Tommy. She knows Im the reason why she killed Joel.It's tense and guess what, now is the perfect time for a flash back. but its Abby’s flashback. This is lovely story about Abby and her father saving a zebra who is stuck and is in pain. This is also the time where they found me to run tests on me and have a vaccine. This flashback provides Abby’s perspective and her side of the story and the underlying reasons why Joel was killed so ruthlessly. It's worth taking the risk of one life to save countless. Joel killed her Dad while saving me (Ellie). Then they take a flashback to the Joel’s death scene.
  • Story goes back to Settle Day One from Abby’s perspective. Abby clearly is more tough and physically built. Paints a decent picture how life is like in Seattle.

8 October 2020

  • at this point. I have played for almost 16 hours.
  • game loading is slow even on the PS4 Pro.
  • on our way to a mission, we are attacked by scares. now we are trying to make our way back.
  • the story seems to be following Ellie’s story but from Aby’s perspective. I am seeing those characters that Ellie has already killed. Then I see all the dead bodies. I see Danny’s dead body and Owen is missing. I dont even remember if I killed them. It's disheartening to see this. Showcases the real impact of what I have been doing. Most games do not show this perspective. The real struggles of co-existing in these environments with other tribes/groups
  • Abby is thinking about going to find Owen and then there is another Abby flash back going back 3 years. we are at the wheel. I am assuming this is where I will be going to find him.

17 October 2020

  • a sizeable gap but thats life. Continuing at Winter Visit
  • feels so real swimming in rough currents
  • got a cross bow - sweet
  • finally found Owen. He was hiding in the boat. Owen is tired and he killed Danny while defending himself but he doesnt want anything to do with this and fight for land that he doesn't care about.
  • this alternative storyline (Abby’s) in this game is interesting.
  • The scars on their bodies is realistic. One can imagine that they would have to go through a lot to remain alive.
  • Seattle Day 2 - but from Abby’s perspective . She goes back to save the two people who helped her even though they are also from the rival gang. Assuming, she left Owen and went back. I have to keep remaining myself that the main storyline was different for Seattle Day 2. Abby is good person. She is going to the hospital to get supplies to help a kid from the rival gang.

19 October 2020

  • these constant notifications to update is annoying. I do not care about your PSN network update. Wonder if I disconnect the wifi, will these notifications go away??
  • Continuing from “The Shortcut” - returning to the hospital to get supplies through a shortcut way.
  • balancing oneself is no picnic especially for me who already is scared of heights. Fallen off a few times.

20 October 2020

  • Ground Zero - continuing my quest from the hospital still looking for vital medical supplies.
  • there is an epic boss fight in the ground floors of the hospital but I got the supplies and I am out now. Conveniently a boat is near by and now we are going back to ensure supplies get to her on time.
  • making it very difficult to not like Abby. she is great. I am not looking forward to what happens when both the main characters mean which is where this flashback begun anyway. the story line is so nicely setup.
  • she lost her hand but she is well. A fulfilling mission.
  • Seattle Day 3 - its getting closer to the two storyline colliding
  • The girl who lost her hand has also lost her life :(
  • someone also shot Isaac, not sure who?
  • I am on the run with the other girl (the one with the bow and arrow)

21 October 2021

  • Continuing from “the escape”
  • making small upgrades to your weapon is so cool.
  • this epic escape sequence is really enjoyable
  • We managed to escape in the boat, the village is burnt down and we are back at the aquarium.
  • This is where I (Abby) find that my dog and my friends are killed. Owen is dead too. I am shattered. Obviously I want revenge. I find a map left behind by Ellie and this is how Abby finds Ellie who killed my friends.
  • Ellie and Abby meet. So beautifully the flashback meets present life.
  • Abby has the opportunity to kill Ellie but decided to let her go. She even pardoned her pregnant friend which Ellie did not. At this point, I figured, it's game over.
  • it seems we take a leap about 12 months and Ellie and her GF are staying together with the baby.
  • Tommy comes and asks Ellie to take revenge as she promised. Ellie declines. Dina also declines
  • Few days later, Ellie cannot help herself and wants to go out and get Abby. Despite Dina’s attempts, Ellie powers through.
  • We get to see Abby and her friend. This is where I stop for the day. What can I say, real life gets in the way.
  • Couldn't help myself. Continuing from 2425 Constance. I want to finish this today.
  • Abby is captured and Ellie is at that boat searching for Abby heading to 2425 constance where Abby was captured - Santa Barbara
  • Sadly signing off for the day. Life just gets in the way. I cannot seem to catch a break today.

23 October 2020

  • today I am hoping is the last of us :)
  • Continuing from Pushing Island
  • at this point, I am over 25 hours into the game
  • After going through what felt like an army of men, I found Abby captured. I released her and obviously we fought. She didnt want to. At this point, I was super conflicted as to who I want to win. I much preferred neither died and thankfully that is what happened. While in the process of almost killing her, I think of Joel and for some reason, I let I go. The story ends here and I return to the farm house only to find it empty.
  • a final flashback where Joel and I are having a conversation where I tell him I could never forgive him for what he did and he took something very important from her. Her (Ellie) life could have had meaning. She could have saved a lot of people.

At the end of the day, even though the setting of the game was in the world of zombies/infected, like all good stories, this one too was about humans co- existing. In addition, the game went further allowing the player (me) to experience the story from perspectives of two very different characters female characters - Ellie and Abby. This was a unique experience. My only regret is that I waited so long to experience this story.

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