Services Discovered in 2020

Services that brought me joy in 2020

In many ways, 2020 was the year where many unique and interesting ideas came to life. The following are some which I recommend and use personally:

1. Mailbrew

This is one of those services which seemed like a no brainer and I kick myself for not coming up with this myself. However, coming up with the idea is one thing and executing is another. The Mailbrew team has so beautifully and effectively allowed me to capture my interests in the medium I enjoy and at the time I want. For me, Mailbrew, brings the best of Reddit, Twitter, Newsletters and Readwise to my mailbox in a format that is so delightfully awesome. Also, how gorgeous is their website. I am a sucker for beautiful websites.

2. Readwise

I read a lot and I enjoy highlighting a lot too. Strangely, I did nothing to ensure I am reminded or learn from these highlights. Brains tend to forget and my one is very good at that. What Readwise does is surfaces the gems I found interesting to my attention in a beautiful yet informative manner. I look forward to daily visiting Readwise to learn and refresh my memory. I initially used it for my highlights from Kindle but I am finding that its also fantastic for highlights from Pocket.

3. Raindrop

This is my one stop shop for saving anything interesting I find on the internet. This includes, bookmarks, recipes, videos, interesting websites, apps, services, PDF, and the list goes. Its a fantastic service that I didn't know I needed. Previously, I used to just add these things to a Project in Things but this simplifies my task management because lets face it, its not a task.

4. Feedbin

Feedbin is my RSS service of choice. Its the best combination of features, speed and simplicity. Prior to Mailbrew, Feedbin was also my choice for Twitter and newsletters. Tip: to avoid SPONSORED Posts, setup an action to remove those posts automatically. So any article that has Sponsored gets automatically marked as read - 🀩

Honourable mention: Typefully

This is the best way to write and publish tweets and threads. Its no surprise that its made by the same people who made Mailbrew.

One awesome similarity amongst all the above mentioned services is that its made by a small team (on occasions one or two developers). The attention to detail and the passion by the developer is evident even in the smallest of things within the service. More power to Indie Devs - YOU ROCK

Please check it out and feel free to recommend some of your favourites of 2020.

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