YouTube: Quality of Life Improvements

YouTube is one of those Google services that is best in class and the alternatives are not even close to the quality of content that is available and it’s ubiquity is unmatched. I am a YouTube Premium subscriber, and it's well worth it (if those ads annoy you)

2021 Updates

  1. Picture in Picture support in iOS devices this is slowing rolling out. It's particularly useful on the iPad and it’s weird to have a mini window floating on iOS 👍
  2. Variable speed of video in the Apple TV YouTube App — I run on the treadmill almost daily and this is where I catch up on my YouTube. With the noise-cancelling of the AirPods Pro, the noise from the treadmill is not as prominent. However, I am so used to listening to podcast at 1.5x, that at times, depending on the content (especially interviews), I prefer to speed up a video a little. This was possible before on the web, on the mobile apps, and now it is possible on the Apple TV YouTube app 👍. Strangely, I am finding that my running pace has also picked up with the videos playing in higher speed 🏃‍♂️

This week’s YouTube Rabbit hole

Every so often, YouTube recommends a video, which leads me to spend more time on YouTube than I would prefer. This week was a video by Drew Simms, who has spent three years living in a Jeep. The idea of spending more time in the wild appeals to me, but it ain’t practical, I need my hot showers at the very least 😝

Time spent on YouTube this week

Watched many videos on Friday about people camping ⛺️ in the wild

Written on my iPhone, waiting in the car with my son while my wife does some shopping 🛒

Hold on... there’s more