Spotify Wrapped

Spotify Wrapped

Spotify is the most popular streaming service on this planet and I have been a user/customer for at least five years now. There was a time when the only option for streaming music was Spotify. Now, thankfully we are spoilt for choice with Pandora, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Tidal and Amazon Music. Regardless, I have stayed true to Spotify because:

  1. Spotify Recommendation Algorithm
    I used to have the mindset that I know what music I enjoy and I do not need a computer to curate a list for me. I was wrong. I have discovered new artists, new genres and broaden my music taste because I let Spotify recommend songs that I may prefer. It's not 100% accurate but it's superb.
  2. Spotify Wrapped
    This gives me so much joy and surprises me every time. It amazes me what music I have enjoyed and how different my tastes are compared to the music that is topping the charts. I also find it interesting that each year, Spotify Wrapped improves in meaningful ways. Non-Spotify users can also explore Spotify's global listening trends.
  3. Platform Agnostic
    I am predominantly on the Apple platform but that doesn’t mean that every device I own is made by Apple. My non Apple made devices that I enjoy Spotify on is PS4 Pro, Fire TV stick, Sonos, Harman Kardon amplifier. Airplay 2 has come a long way and devices like Sonos natively support it. However, Airplay 2 is no match for Spotify Connect. This, in my view is the most underrated feature of Spotify. Simply put, it allows users to listen to music on your speakers or TV, using the Spotify app as a remote. This broadens the scope significantly. For example, this morning, I used Spotify on my Apple Watch to play music on my Sonos device. I started a playlist and went out for a walk. The Sonos device kept playing that music. You will be amazed by how many devices support Spotify Connect. I even found a way for my HomePod to support Spotify Connect.

The Biggest Issue with Spotify

Spotify is a listed corporation and as such like any listed corporation, its primary objective is to make money. Therefore, Spotify has invested significantly into podcasts and as such is flooding my feed with podcasts recommendations. This is well and good. However, as a premium customer, I am only interested in music. Spotify should consider giving me an option to turn off podcast recommendations from my feed/main screen. I am 100% sure that Spotify will not do this because this action is directly conflicting with their aim of making money. How long I will be tolerating this is anyone's guess.

Spotify Wrapped fun

I find great joy in going through other people’s Spotify Wrapped because I am genuinely interested in what my friends and/or people around the globe have been listening to.

The following tweets were funny but also painted the bitter truth about Apple Music:

I am well aware of Apple Music Replay and all I will say is that Apple is encouraged to be inspired from Spotify Wrapped.

In my view because Apple Music is a small part of Apple’s business, it does not receive the same attention and focus as Spotify does to its streaming music business. Spotify is all about streaming audio and therefore, their focus is not divided. I want Apple Music and YouTube Music to be great competitors to Spotify because that will only bring innovation and enhancements for music lovers around the globe.

My loyalty to Spotify is limited to the extent that it serves my needs. If there is another service that serves my needs better, I will not hesitate to move.

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